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10 Tips to Buy Australian Wine in China

Wine has a documented history that spans across different civilizations which makes the experience of buying Aussie wine in China even more exciting. Rare wines and sought after collectibles have the most intriguing stories. If you want to start buying wine to start a wine collection, this article will give you great tips and real pointers to help on your endeavor.


Why are some Bottles Highly Priced?




The prices on some high end collectibles might seem outrageous to a lot of people, especially outsiders and wine newbies. In the year 2011, two bottles of champagne were discovered on a salvaged ship. Both were about 170 years old and were sold for nearly $80,000 per bottle. Because of the controlled temperature, pressure under water and storage on the sides, these bottles were still drinkable. If you are thinking to buy Australian wine in China and you are interested in rare bottles for your collection, be ready to spend on old wine.


Tips to Seriously Consider when Starting a Collection


· Disposable income: if you are struggling to pay your rent, it isn’t a good time to venture into wine collection, especially not the high-end type. Apart from the bottles, you must invest in some other things like insurance and a good vault.


· Record what you have: whenever you shop Australian intoxicant in China to add to your collection, keep record of it along with detailed notes.


· Invest in a good cellar: all wine, especially old wine, needs to be properly stored at particular temperatures. A good vault or wine cellar is critical for your collection to survive.


· Initial value is important: what is rare now will probably be rare in the future too. Initial value determines the worth of a bottle for generations.


· Save documentation: save original auction texts and purchase receipts when you purchase Aussie alcohol in China. This could be valuable later.


· Routine appraisals: collector’s markets are very changeable, get your collection appraised often to know your worth and value.


· Don’t handle wines too much: we know you might want to show off after purchasing Australian booze in China, especially the rare bottles. Nonetheless, keep hands away as much as possible.


· Too good to be true isn’t good: don’t be duped to buy an unbelievably old and well-preserved bottle of wine, it could be a fake if they are selling at a ridiculous price.


· Start little: you are not trying to impress anyone. When you purchase Aussie intoxicant in China, it is for your satisfaction. Start small and build at your pace.


· Don’t be swayed with the hype: Buy what you like: there are trends in the collector’s market. Don’t fall prey to following trends, keep buying, storing and drinking what you like and when you like.




Especially for newbies in the wine business, knowing the best steps to take when buying wine is not easy. If you are truly interested in starting a wine collection, use the tips and advice given here when you buy Australian wine in China.